Research workshop

We believe a building’s success is measured by how well building sciences and engineering solutions are integrated with the architectural and spatial manipulation to express in unison the excitement which all great architecture exudes. New building sciences and technologies are constantly being conceived, developed and applied in modern buildings across the world.

Our Research Workshop is set up to collate, study, and explore aspects of new technologies for their potential applications in buildings commercially. For example many of our buildings incorporate energy-saving cooling and ventilation systems such as chilled ceiling, geothermal heat exchange, natural ventilation by solar chimney, the use of alternative / renewable energy sources for heating and cooling, high performance building material and bespoke products have been evaluated jointly with other specialists, research centres, universities etc to optimize their feasibility in being adopted for commercial use. These skills and technical knowledge we have acquired over the years are readily available, wherever applicable, to give all our clients’ projects the added value they are looking for.