About us

Integrated Design Associates (IDA) aims to provide a high calibre research, design and planning consultancy services for clients and projects of wide ranging levels of complexity and challenges in Hong Kong, China and Internationally. By combining original, innovative thinking and design excellence our goal is to add qualities and values to all the projects we undertake. Our philosophy is always clear and unequivocal – Our efforts must make a difference for all our clients, irrespective of size and scale of the project.

Our approach to design takes an integrated consideration of sustainability, environmentally as well as functionally, cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, spatial awareness, user well-being and architectural aesthetics.

We believe good design must address the appropriate use of technologies, engineering, humanity and ergonomics. We adopt a rational design process, which is often analytical and typically highly focused. Our in-depth technical knowledge, design expertise and understanding of the construction process have produced many successful projects which are extremely advanced in engineering, acutely budget driven and being carried out in very tight time constraints.